About Me

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My book containing ten true stories of Bradford and Airedale’s lost places, forgotten history, eccentric heroes and unsolved mysteries, Tales of Old Airedale – A Miscellanynow available to order!

I am an editor, proofreader, copywriter, print and web designer based in Bingley, near Bradford. I graduated from Durham University in 2003 and have spent nearly a decade in editorial and design roles, both staff and freelance. I am currently employed as a graphic designer for Country Publications, who produce the Dalesman and Countryman magazines.

Editing and proofreading

I have held a number of editorial positions, primarily project editor, production editor and web editor roles, and have also worked as a freelance copy-editor and proofreader.

In the course of my career I have worked on numerous publications and websites, including Issues and Issues Today - a series of school textbooks covering a wide range of social topics – and English as a foreign language materials for Collins ELT. I have also worked on literacy titles, travel guides, digital content and marketing literature.

In 2012-13 I served as editor of a popular local-interest magazine, the Bingley Rural, which had a circulation of 5700 copies monthly. This has since merged with a larger community publication, The Local Leader, for which I still write features.


I have written features, press releases and blog posts on a wide range of subjects, from baby names to cursed mansions, and had my work published in glossy regional lifestyle magazines Northern Life and Living North (among others). Visit my blog to view some of my writing.

My interests and specialisms include:

  • Local history and heritage
  • Educational resources and textbooks
  • Social issues
  • Yorkshire
  • Language and etymology
  • Folklore
  • Crafts and hobbies
  • Volunteering and communities
  • Religion and belief
  • Technology, digital and web
  • Self-publishing and ebooks
  • Vintage/retro and nostalgia
  • Arts and literature

My book of unusual and little-known tales from local history, Tales of Old Airedale: A Miscellany, was published in November 2014.

Self-publishing author services

My company Oliphant Publishing Services offers a complete production package for authors looking to self-publish their work as a print or ebook, including copy-editing, cover design, typesetting, marketing and distribution. If you would like to learn more about self-publishing, please visit the Oliphant website.

Web and print design

In addition to website editing, I am also a highly competent web designer, specialising in sites built using the WordPress content management system (both custom-built and off-the-peg) under my Melting Clock brand. I have also built static sites for clients who prefer a managed website.

As a print designer, I have produced logos, business cards, posters, flyers and large-format banners for businesses and charities.

Take a look at the Portfolio section to view a selection of my work.